Vibrant Blue Smoothie



This smoothie……loved. I think this may be my signature blog smoothie hehe. Oh, yes it will be. I will do another ingredient-simple version of this one as I know some people may not have access to Rhodiola extract (which is amazing for your health/energy and gives the smoothie a caramely flavor). The color and flavor were just incredibly vibrant, they claimed to be the signature smoothie, and they earned it.

Why you may want Rhodiola

Rhodiola Rosea is widely used in Eastern Europe and Asia as a potent healer for depression, mental and physical strength enhancer, and energy. It is claimed to have anti cancer properties and strengthen our nervous system. Something else great about it is that Russian researches have named it to be an adaptogen. I love learning and incorporating into my life adaptogenic foods because myself and many of us can benefit from foods that help us adapt to stress. We live in a high-stress society and adaptogenic superfoods do come handy.

Try it

-1 cup water

-1.5 cups frozen blueberries

-2 ripe (spotted) bananas

-1 raw pasture-raised egg

-rhodiola extract

-1 tspn spirulina

-1/8 tspn bee pollen

Blend. Pour. Enjoy.…/Rhodiola_Rosea.pdf