Why Hot Pockets are Addicting

Have you seen the ingredients list of this thing? It’s almost like you need to take a seat to read through the whole ingredient list. Why make food so complicated, people?

Well I guess it’s because it’s more of a food-like product. I see Hot Pockets as the end result of a laboratory experiment.

I microwaved a monster in my kitchen.


It’s even sticking its tongue out at me.

This is how I got inspired to shed light on what Hot Pockets are really all about. On my calming power walk the other day, I had a hard work out before hand and I did not fuel myself properly. Half way through my walk I started feeling the signs of hunger and thirst, so I stopped walking further away and turned around. I walked by this girl telling her friend how a Hot Pocket sounded so good right then (the last thing I wanted to hear). I’m very well known for not eating anything that is not natural and never getting cravings for them. As I heard the girl mention Hot Pockets I instantly thought they DO sound good. What?! I took myself by surprise! Made me think that when one is hungry, with low sugar levels, and dehydrated, your body wants anything! And the most calorically dense foods. Then I thought, what is it about Hot Pockets that make it SO FREAKING GOOD (I was very hungry). They are so gross though. So I began thinking about the famous Hot Pockets. I decided to find out exactly what goes in them that makes people so irresistible to their flavor. It goes well beyond flavor.

Hot Pockets….not so hot, but very sneaky.

These are literally addictive. Why? How? Processed Free Glutamic Acid…also known as the well-known and all-mighty MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). It is a cheap flavor enhancer and gets people addicted to it, stimulating specific receptors in the brain and releasing excessive amounts of Dopamine. MSG is known as an excitotoxin, which is a chemical that overstimulates a brain cell and makes it uncontrollably active, leading it to deterioration. It also interrupts the brain signal from leptin which sends a sign of satiety. This may be a reason why we keep overeating and craving more. That’s why manufacturers use it as an additive so buyers choose that product over others and they keep wanting more.

You may be aware that MSG is not listed in the ingredients list. That’s because the company does not want people to know there is MSG in their food product. Instead, they use different name labels to hide MSG, or other substances that result in MSG. Aha! This also applies to other processed store-bought food products. Glutamate is naturally present in meat and vegetables. Our bodies also produce it on its own. However, it is the processed glutamates that are broken down changing their natural make-up and results in free forms of glutamates. When we ingest this, the body becomes saturated with this up to 10 times faster than natural occurring glutamates.

Addictive ingredients under MSG in Hot Pockets:

Corn syrup solids

Sodium Nitrite

Malted Barley Flour

Natural Flavors- may contain up to 20% MSG

Citric Acid

Modified Food Starch- (suspected of containing free glutamic acid)

Modified Corn Starch- (suspected of containing free glutamic acid)

Corn Maltodextrin

Artificial Butter Flavor- interesting.

Enzymes- enzymes used to make MSG.

Soy Lecithin

Dough Conditioner


Nonfat Milk -(suspected of containing free glutamic acid)


Pasteurized Part Skim Milk- (suspected of containing free glutamic acid)

Processed food can be a headache, and give one. Eat whole foods. Keep it simple. Try making your own home-made pizza turnovers (a hot pocket) and getting creative with your favorite fresh baked pizza dough, pastured cheese, a healthy version of pizza sauce, and grass-fed ground meat, roast beef, etc.