More Smiles Less Stress


A few days ago one of my close girlfriends and I got together over salads and sangria ;)

Instead of following up with our plan we had for the day to hike out to the beach, we went with the flow and decided to head over to the beautiful and refreshing town of Sausalito. This place is perfect in summer time to take a break from the heat, immerse in the picturesque of the bay area, enjoy various eateries, shop near the waterfront, and specially to take a walk for those “lets catch-up” talks.

My girlfriend and I first headed off to Whole Foods to make our own lunches and buy some figs for our mini pic-nick before we headed off to Sausalito. When we got there, we had our lunch at this little beach area by this classy yet fun restaurant called Le Garage. Can you think why they call it that? How cool is it that the ambience is inside a garage? It’s awesome. It overlooks the water, boats, and the docks out at front.

I want to share a little take away experience with you that I got from this day with my friend. You know me, I love to indulge in all things natural over typical street/restaurant food. However, when I’m with friends and enjoying our time together, I participate a little in my share of chips and ice cream.

When I look back at memories with friends, one of the things that comes to mind is “I would have missed that fun time, that fun conversation, those new people we met, those new inspiring flavors we tried, etc, if I had decided to isolate myself from that outing because I didn’t want to be surrounded by all this standard American food.”

My friend and I ordered chips and Sangria at this fun little Mexican restaurant and we shared so many laughs. When my friends order something, I usually take a few bites so we are both in the moment together, and I usually end up feeling the heavy-tirey feelings of the food. I keep it to myself though. I had only three chips of the ones we ordered and right away I felt my head get a little heavy feeling and I felt dehydrated. The Sangria was a nice little pick-me up though haha.  Something big I noticed over these little sacrifices are the amazing and memorious moments I get to share with my friends. It’s the laughs and bonding of sharing that present moment together that make the day/night. I have also noticed my skin feels softer and looks shinier the next morning from the good emotional feelings I get with my friends.  That’s what matters most I belief. Having fun, not stressing, and laughing with others makes it worth it.

That’s my little take away I wanted to share! I also look for some ways out too haha, to avoid eating processed food that will not settle well in my stomach, but if there is nothing, then I will for sure embrace those few bites of heavily processed frozen yogurt treats and a few rancid vegetable oil-coated chips.

I’ve come to realize that for us, who like to eat a certain way that is not considered the norm, we tend to think of only ourselves becoming isolated from social gatherings. But, what about the other person/friend? We should consider the feelings of others also besides ourselves. Because of our actions, that friend we are with may end up feeling isolated or uncomfortable because now she/he is the only one enjoying that particular meal.

If we can make a good balance happen with eating more natural socially, that’s great! but if not, I don’t feel we should be stressing so much over small sacrifices, and make it a great time!

I don’t let food get in the way of being social with others. But of course, if I eat a big amount of something that doesn’t benefit me then it does get in the way of my time haha. I feel really tired and dehydrated. But a few bites I can deal.

Just my personal thoughts. Please share whatever you’d like.

Laughing and good memories are healing. Stressing welcomes illness.