Inspirations and Raw Pure Chocolate


Looks good, right? Well let me tell you something special about this vibrant chocolate that will have you go even more crazy. This is a raw (which means heated at a low temperature as to preserve the antioxidants and nutrients) pure chocolate sauce made with Cacao powder (real chocolate powder) and infused with raw honey and superfoods. This thing is so mouth watering. The first word that popped into my head when I saw this was “luxurious” and when I tasted it the first word was “decadent”. Hands down, Edible Goddess is one of the leading creators for natural food products with the highest quality of ingredients carefully searched and used. Bethanne Wanamaker brought to life the company Edible Goddess. I don’t even have to ask her what ingredients there are in one of her products to find out if there is something sneaky and not good for our health. I trust all of her products and could eat her whole website if it was edible. Okay, that was maybe a little weird, but you get how much I love her business. She refers to her business as an extension of how she lives her life and nourishes herself.

Her GOJI CHOCOLATE GOLD as stated on her etsy page is “Dairy Free Sweet Chocolate Love Fudge Sauce: Bliss-Inducing, Antioxidant-Rich, Aphrodisiac Raw Chocolate Spread”. If you are going to eat chocolate, make it the best ever.

This is seriously gold, and YOU deserve this! say it! hehe.


So the Goji Chocolate sauce was not part of her demo at the grocery store. My friend and I got the honor to try a couple of servings of her chocolate sauce. Her and her boyfriend, Christian Bates, have created one of their newest products Goji Joy. It is a powdered extract from Goji Berries! It is pleasantly sweet, low glycemic, and concentrated with Goji berry nutrients. Did I buy a bottle? I did I did! I would’ve bought the chocolate sauce too but I’m just not really feeling chocolate now that it is summer. I have not been tempted to eat chocolate ever since summer started and I also like to take breaks from certain superfoods from time to time. I will write soon about how I’m eating the Goji Joy and how I am enjoying it.

So many exciting products! Thanks Bethanne Wanamaker.

High off Inspirations

Over the past week I’ve been dropping off resumes to find work in my Medical Assisting field. If you have read my previous post, you know that I graduated as a Medical Assistant. Not really my passion. For the meantime I seeking to find a job in this field while I head on my path to become a certified holistic nutritionist!

While I was driving around looking for clinics, I came across a new organic juice bar that opened up in San Rafael! I stopped to get a drink and check it out. Then it occurred to me to ask if I could apply?! I heard that beautiful word YES. When I came home I told my parents all about it and started working on my nutrition resume for them. I realized how my parents had to push me and be behind my back to finish up my resumes for the clinics I’d be job searching for, but the resume for this juice bar I was after it all on my own. My parents are not even reminding me to finish it, I’m doing it all on my own and they can tell I’m excited about it when I ask them to revise it. Is this a sign?! I would absolutely love to work there and help others get their fruit and greens on. This place is called Urban Remedy. Very small little store, but really nice inside with good vibes!

At the end of that week, I met up with a good friend in Fairfax at GoodEarth who is all into natural food and living. She is so wise, so motivating, so inspirational, and strongly believes in human potential in all of us to accomplish what we want to do. It was so refreshing and inspiring to meet with her over smoothies. She is so fun and down to earth.

We decided to do a little bit of grocery shopping and we then ran  into Bethanne Wanamaker working her demo for her awesome products. We catched up a little bit and she was telling us about her new products. It was such a fun moment. I don’t know if it was the samples I tried, or being surrounded by two ladies who are some of my biggest inspirations that gave me a buzz for the rest of the day. It feels so good to be surrounded by like minded positive people! Good vibes all around.

I am so grateful to know Bethanne Wanamaker and my friend Heidi. Heidi lives in Marin County and is also a health coach and I consider her a wellness warrior. Check out her website

Have you ever encountered a time in your life that made you contemplate a lot which path you want to head towards? What did you decide? and why? How do you feel now?

Hope everyone has a cozy night!