It’s okay, let them be for now…


Don’t worry if your friend, spouse, family member, ex, or whoever, are becoming frantic about their very new diet. Yesterday I came across memories of how I used to be when I first embarked on the raw vegan train, the paleo train, and the intermittent fasting train. I wanted to do it spot on. I wanted to do it RIGHT. I was so into it all. My family and friends would try to shake me up a little.

A while ago I remember talking to my dad about something that I ended up thinking how when someone does something new for the first time, they want to completely follow it and they get very into it. I feel this is normal. Because of having been that frantic person and knowing what it feels like, I understand when I see someone doing their best to follow something. I feel the reason why people get caught up in a new lifestyle and seem “strict” with how they are doing it is because it is new to them, they are still learning, and this makes them want to follow it to the highest extent.


After some time of experience with these different ways of natural eating ( I like to experiment with different styles of nourishment to see how I feel best and what gives me more energy) I began to loosen up a little and I began to handle choices with more confidence. Overtime my “strictness” diminished.

I remember when I first went Vegan, I got so upset when my aunt forgot to mention to me that the thanksgiving stuffing was cooked inside the roasting turkey in the oven. I was so upset. I kept it to myself, but it did show a little bit. This was when I first wanted to try going vegan and do it like, 100%. Then after some time I didn’t get overwhelmed if I found out I had taken a bite of something with an animal product in it.

When I first went Paleo/Primal, I tried to do it as best as I could. I would only eat 100% grass fed beef, pasture raised eggs, and raw dairy. If the yoghurt was pasturized I would stay away from it. Hello? Inflammation and congestion! But now, I don’t mind too much If I end up having a smoothie with who knows what kind of yoghurt they put in it when I’m out with friends. If I don’t have 100% grass fed beef access, then I’ll go for a little bit of the more corn fed cattle. If I don’t have pastured eggs, and I’m really wanting to get eggs in me, then I’ll find the best option of whatever kind of eggs are in front of me for that time being.

When I first tried Intermittent Fasting, EVERY DAY I made sure to have breakfast by noon, not earlier. Even if I was a little bit hungry, I would keep fasting till noon. Now, I still follow intermittent fasting because I love the meaning of it and the benefits if done carefully/balanced. However, if I’m hungry before noon, I’ll enjoy a big or small breakfast. Whatever I feel like. These past couple of months I’ve been enjoying a mild fast. Before I fasted for 16 hours and now I’ve been doing about a 14 hour fast. I have breakfast around 10-11 am, whenever I feel hunger. If I’m with friends and we have breakfast earlier than I would normally have I really don’t mind at all anymore.


When I started my foodie experiments I always tried to do it tip top. Maybe that loved someone may seem a little obsessive with his/her new hobby/diet/etc, but it may be because they are new to it. Instead of arguing of inconveniences, or being annoyed of the obsession, why not let them be for now, and give them some support as well.


Green Smoothie with Mesclun Greens, bananas, and figs.