De-stress Healing Smoothie

My good friend and I spent this past weekend in Tahoe soaking up a ton of sun shine. We chose that weekend because we planned on going to Wanderlust. We only stayed for one night, but it felt as if we spent a week there! My friend is a trip planner expert. We practiced our balance doing close to 3 hours of paddle boarding, enjoyed a few good eats in town, went to Wanderlust, river rafted the next day, walked around town and by this time my face looked like a little red tomato, then we got dinner, and departed Tahoe feeling refreshed and relaxed. It is so neat being up in the mountains with the beautiful eye-catching views of the lake. On our drive back home we were already planning our next trip back to Tahoe.

Well, after various alcoholic yummy sweet drinks, strong tanned skin, and very light meal, my works in the kitchen brought to life a nutrient dense, substantial, immune boosting, energizing, you know, all that good stuff, smoothie. That is what I love so much about smoothies. You can pack it with so many balanced foods in one drink and it is easy for the body to assimilate requiring little energy for digesting, and better absorption.


This is my destress smoothie, thanks to all the ingredients that went into the making. This smoothie is packed with anti-oxidants that will help soothe and protect the body, specially super tanned skin. It is also filled with Omega 3 fats from the hemp seeds to help heal inflammation, helps the body recover from stress thanks to the Maca powder used, and best and much needed of all, it is a great liver detoxifier. Basil and apples are each great at boosting our immune system and detoxifying the liver.

Tahoe was beautiful, very uplifting, and mind-relaxing. I did have my share of those drinks. Some things I did to prepare for what was ahead was to drink plenty of water, eat plenty of berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries), and drink Coconut Water throughout the days. I even brought a Coconut Water to the bar with me haha. Just knowing how alcohol penetrates the body I got inspired to create this one.

Do you know someone who has taken Coconut Water into a bar? Well now you do.

Truuuue story…


Try it

-1 cup water

-2 cups sweet whole strawberries

-3 tablespoons Hemp Seeds

1 teaspoon Maca powder

-2 medium apples, peeled.

-a handful of fresh Basil leaves

Blend on high.

I topped mine off with Bee Pollen and Mulberries. Mulberries are super sweet and taste like candy!,,20500778_4,00.html