Pictureless but Meaningful

I feel I have not posted in the past week!

My time this past week has been taken over by training for my new awesome health inspiring job at Urban Remedy. It is a new organic juice bar in San Rafael, CA, and we are opening one up in Mill Valley. So exciting! I will be doing a post very soon on what Urban Remedy offers, pictures of the raw brownies, fresh juices, raw treats, and herbal tinctures that they offer. So very grateful for the opportunity to work there.

Well I don’t have pictures at the moment for this post, and I’m so desperate to put a new post today. But I’m making up for it by adding a lot of meaning and inspiration.

I spent today with one of my dearest friends and it turned into a health inspiring journey for her. I introduced her to a whole new world. It all began when I wanted her to come a long with me to check out another organic juice bar (Pressed Juicery) in Larkspur, CA. When we arrived there we were faced with a whole array of juices in a fridge outside the clothing stores. Two lovely and informative girls guided us through ALL their juices and they let us sample like all of them. My friend Rachel was full of excitement when she found out how tasty these crazy health drinks are. How cool and crazy is it to drink vegetables, right?! We then went to a health grocery store so I could guide her around the healthy foods and the processed food as well as to give her ideas of what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. I bought her a few goodies so she could try them. Of course all this healthy stuff will cost a bit more or significantly more, but remember you will be feeling so much better health wise and your medical bills will be less costly. I bought her an all natural energy bar, a blood orange, and a raw dark chocolate bar. The funny thing is she doesn’t like dark chocolate, but when she slowly savored this dark chocolate bar she decided it was actually pretty good! She said she could get used to it. I told her how happy I was that she was eating this pure all natural nutrient dense chocolate bar. Ah! I love seeing people nourishing themselves.

We had a wonderful and inspiring time together. I was jumping up and down inside the grocery store when we were talking about me helping her with a healthy meal plan and showing her how to make a yummy green smoothie. She was very inspired to begin a healthier lifestyle and my euphoric feelings were based on how I want to continue helping people become healthier. This has been my passion for some time now.

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates

Why is food and nutrition such a big deal? Food is powerful. Whatever we digest and absorb will affect us for good or for bad. Our bodies are like machines. It’s an incredible and still highly mysterious system. Feed it right. Give it the fuel it needs in order to function at its BEST. Opt for fresh and vibrant food to feel very alive! Leave the packaged, lifeless, nutrient stripped, acidifying food-products behind if you are tired of being tired and not feeling well.