It Starts To Add Up

I’ve been having my fair share of late party nights and quite a number of sugary yummy yummy alcoholic drinks lately. As always, there are times when we think we can get away with it, and start fresh the next day. But slowly, without noticing it much, it starts to become a pattern, and may even become a habit. I have realized that lately when I go out to socialize I say “Lets get a drink?” or I have a couple with friends. Slowly over time, you begin to feel the effects of the drinks catching up. Ever since I have loosened up  on tracking my drink intake and went past having only 1 drink when I go out, I have been waking up feeling tiresome (as if I still needed more sleep to recover more), I’ve been getting frequent pimples popping out here and there (processed sugar, imbalances, stress) and I have been feeling more tired at night time.

I’ve been passing the word lately to my friends that…”that’s it, I would like to go back to how I barely drank, and feel good and increase my energy!” I want that awesome energy again, that good fresh feeling that lasts throughout the day, feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day right when I wake up, and go out every night! That’s something else I have been thinking about…”what ever happened to me wanting to go out every night?! (when I partied sober) whatever happened to pushing my friends to go out again?! and tomorrow night? Now I’ve been enjoying cozying up at home most nights of the week. However, that may just be my work life now a days.

I looked up a few facts about the effects of having drinks frequently. I read that one should not have more than 14 drinks a week, but I find that number to be quite high! Other facts I found where that to avoid alcohol related problems…

men should not have more than 4 drinks per occasion and no more than 14 drinks a week.

women should have no more than 3 drinks per occasion and no more than 7 drinks a week.

Me? Well I sure have had my indulgement of 4 drinks. So, yea. Great. Also, it doesn’t help that I eat such a healthy diet. I can really feel the effects of it catching up to me.

When you eat a very nourishing diet, and are very clean inside, you tend to feel more the effects of what you put in your body. I know what foods leave me tired, what foods leave me bloated, what foods leave me feeling unwell, etc. I’m hoping with the way I nourish myself that it makes it easier on my body to eliminate toxins and alcohol, but I can clearly feel the effects and it is not very pleasant.

Tonight as I was cleaning at work to close, I was thinking about how I really want to start going alcohol free for months and see how I begin to feel. I’m on! And I’m excited for what that will bring. Also, it’s always nice to have long lasting energy when you are out dancing at clubs, and remember the night ;)

I’ll leave with the following quote…

When you feel better and that good, you don’t want to go back.

I dedicate my fruit salad to this blog post. To starting fresh, pure, energizing, healing, vibrant, light, and natural!

I used blueberries, Oranges, peeled strawberries, Hemp Seeds, and Basil.