The Power of a Smile

Oh man. Oh man oh man. These past few days have been crazy busy working. Working at a grocery store can be intense. Every day you interact with hundreds and hundreds of people. Some days are slow, other days are intense. Some people are funny, others are rude, others are stubborn, and others just buy. I like working at the grocery store, I like seeing what people buy, I like chatting with the locals and customers, but sometimes after quite a few busy days I feel like running away haha. I’ve noticed I have not been smiling as much the last couple of days working.

After going through so many days of being in a fast paced environment, kids yelling and crying when they can’t get candy, slow and stubborn people, people who get mad at you for forgetting to reserve their life depending newspaper, going through periods where you get asked a question every 5 seconds, it begins to take a toll on you. Then, small things starts to be a big annoyance like when people have their shopping bags at the bottom of their grocery baskets buried under all their grocery products…and you have a long line of people waiting. It’s a lot to take in. I’ve noticed lately when I come home that I take longer quiet/meditation moments outside by the lagoon. I usually don’t make time for meditation (which is something I’m working on) but with these busy work days being around so much commotion I can tell I really need these silent peaceful moments and I easily make time for it.

Yesterday, I was giving this customer his change and after I said outloud how much I gave him back he said “and how about a smile?” I looked at him, he was smiling at me, and I probably gave him the biggest smile of the day. Just that one comment he made showed his care, his connection, and his uplifting personality. He totally took me out of my spinning head for a minute. It was so refreshing. Just the act of smiling brightens you up and clears your head. A smile is very contagious, and tends to bring a laugh a long with it. Haven’t you noticed how a smile makes someone look attractive? vibrant? your mood feels better? Just a smile can also make someone feel comfortable with you, or remind them to smile too! The customer then said “there ya go!” Made me giggle.



When you wake up tomorrow, or even at anytime of the day, pause for a minute and think about something that you are grateful for. When you do, take in a deep breath, and smile. Then continue doing what you were doing feeling refreshed.

Here is a delicious, simple, refreshing, bite. My Dad introduced this to me when I was little. This has been a favorite of mine since my childhood. This plate brings me memories of my childhood life in Peru when I would sneak into the kitchen and gobble up 3 tomatoes to make this salad.

Try It

-1 sliced tomato

-a few thin slices of yellow onion

-half an avocado sliced

-a few sprigs of Cilantro

-a splash of lime juice

-about 1/4 teaspoon of minced garlic

-red pepper flakes for spicyness, or use Paprika if you don’t want it too spicy (optional)

-a touch of Sea Salt (I used a Garlic Sea Salt powder)

Enjoy outside!