Blueberry-Lime Mashed Potatoes (and are Potatoes healthy?)

I’ve been eating blueberries every night as part of my dinner. This summer my dinner has consisted mainly of a big fruit bowl or smoothie with nutrient boosts such as Maca powder, Bee Pollen, soaked nuts, Chia Seeds, or Vitamineral Green. Always with a side of blueberries. A few nights ago I wondered what could I come up with to use blueberries in something savory, rather than another berry smoothie.

I loved the idea of having them mashed but with texture to them. I wanted them to be the star ingredient too, so I thought savory mashed potatoes would be perfect. The color of the blueberries would pop out too. In Peru Potatoes and Lime are popular to eat. We like to add a splash of limoncito to almost everything! Specially to potatoes. Lime and Potatoes make a perfect match.


Now, what’s the deal with potatoes?

Lately, I’ve been hearing people confused about whether potatoes are healthy or not. They sure are packed with fast digesting carbohydrates, but they are natural whole foods that come with a long history. The questions that have been going around are if they are fattening and are they healthy?

Through the research I have done and reading about health experts conclusions, it all once again, comes down to what works for YOU. Potatoes are packed with starch, but they are also packed with nutrition (more than whole grains) , and provide high quality protein. Depending on how much carbohydrate fuel your body needs, how much you can handle, and how healthy your metabolism is, you should be fine with a few potatoes here and there.

Potatoes; A Safe Starch

Unlike whole grains (wheat, corn, barley, brown rice, etc), nuts, seeds, and legumes, potatoes do not contain the anti nutrients, gluten, phytic acid, and lectins found in those mentioned foods. There are no compounds in potatoes that will bind to certain important nutrients and minerals and prevent our body from absorbing them. The only problem with Potatoes is that they contain glycoalkaloids, which is their defense against predators and cause digestion issue. The high concentration of glycoalkaloids is found in the peel to protect the goodness of the potato flesh. It may be a good idea to peel that potato.

Nutritious Starch

Enjoy the good starch, and feel good after eating it. They have a great score for vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, folic acid, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, and are a good source for anti oxidants. They have a special compound that helps the body remove free radicals. Besides considering them as fattening, lets also consider that they may very well help lower your blood pressure, build your cells, support your nervous system, enhance your athletic performance as well as provide good cardiovascular health. Potatoes have quality protein. A controlled feeding study was led by Dr. M. Hindhede in 1913 where he learned that potatoes provide all essential amino acids and high digestability (study). Another thing I found interesting and that I learned today is that there is a unique protein in potatoes called Patatin which acts as an anti oxidant removing free radicals from the body.

If you are someone who is sensitive with vegetables that are part of the night shade family, then potatoes is one to avoid.

Cultures With a High Consumption of Potatoes

The ancient Quechua and Aymara from Peru, the Irish, and the Kitavans have thrived on a high carbohydrate potato dependent diet.

I’m cautious about not packing on the pounds, so I’ll have a couple of potatoes every now and then to consume its health benefits. I feel it is great to consume them before or after some form of physicial activity done during the day.

This recipe is savory and can brighten up any dish.

Try It

-3 Medium baked Russet Potatoes

-4 tablespoons fresh Lime juice

-3 tablespoons finely chopped Green Onion

-2 teaspoons Onion Powder

-1 teaspoon Minced Garlic

-1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons extra virgin Olive Oil

-1/2 teaspoon pure Sea Salt

-1 cup of Blueberries

Peel and mash the baked potatoes. Then add all of the ingredients to the mashed potatoes and mix strong and well to create a soft texture. Set aside. On a clean bowl, roughly mash the Blueberries, leaving some texture. Spoon the blueberries on to the mashed potatoes and serve!