Raw Cacao Bar Review: Chocolatl



Sell me something with foreign food products and I’m all over it! I love trying food with exotic ingredients. Especially Cacao bars. I’m a sucker for raw pure cacao infused with herbs, medicinal earthy mushroom extracts (mushroom extracts have a coffee/chocolate flavor so it goes perfect when making chocolate), exotic fruit powders, and superfoods. Chocolatl is a bit expensive compared to other raw cacao bars you find on the shelf, so this one I consider a treat for me. I buy it once in a while, and always look forward to it. The way the company consciously processes their cacao bars, the exotic an potent blend of ingredients infused with the cacao, and all the amazing health benefits that tie up this bar, makes for the $7 dollars it costs for a 3 oz box of decadently healthy cacao. Grocery stores in Santa Cruz (my area) sell them for about $7 and are on sale at times for around $6.

Texture: There is something very unique about the texture of Chocolatl. It is very rich and I love the way it melts in my mouth. They create a very flavorful experience because of the way how they melt slowly in the mouth. It’s almost like it’s impossible to focus on what you are doing while eating this cacao bar. Everything stops, and you seriously get seduced by this bar.

Flavor: So there.

Ingredients: Chocolatl has different varieties of cacao products. They are all made of cacao beans, cacao butter, coconut sugar (low-glycemic), raw cacao powder, vanilla bean, and Himalayan salt. I believe they all have a dose of Maca powder in them too. Each flavor depends if they added earthy mushroom extracts, superfoods like Mesquite powder or blue-green algae accompanied with mint oil, and Lucuma, which is an exotic low-glycemic fruit powder.

Chocolatl makes products that you can indulgence in and feel happy and nourished.

I don’t work for the company, I’m just a big fan and writing this review from myself.

You can visit Chocolatl here: http://www.flowfoodschocolatl.com/