Going High With Nutrient Dense Hemp Seeds

I love working with Hemp seeds! They are tiny, versatile, nutty flavored gems packed with nutrients. I love to sprinkle them on salads, add to dressings, make milk out of them, make a seed butter out of them, and incorporate them into my snack bars. Sprinkling them on top of your finished salad recipe will take your salad to the next level. It will make it look so vibrant and beautiful. Move aside Parmesan cheese!  


Lately Hemp Seeds have been my go-to fat source for smoothies besides raw eggs. I also love making Hemp Seed drinks when I make milk out of them. It  really is very easy to just dump 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds into a cup  of water, blend on high for a minute, and you have instant fresh “milk”! I did some research on hemp seeds to learn more about it since I’m consuming it daily now. I also realized it is perfect to make a post about these nutrient dense  seeds at this time of year since it is flu season and a lot of people  are coming down with colds. This is a great food for easy absorption and to keep your immune system up. 

Hemp seeds have been around for so long in history, since about 10,000 years ago, and modern society has overlooked its amazing nutritional benefits. We are now discovering just how important this seed is for humans and for the environment as well. It used to be the most important crop produced because of its resistance to harsh weather and its strong fibers for textile production such as cloth, ropes, and paper. Another cool fact is that Hemp was used for non-toxic paints, but ever since its ban it has been replaced with toxic-chemical based paints. Hemp can be grown almost anywhere in the world and is very low maintenance to grow. The ancient Chinese learned to use every part of the plant. The root of Hemp was used for medicinal purposes, the stem was used for material production, and the leaves and flowers were used for medicine as well as for lets just say, getting appropriately high.

It’s array of balanced nutrients make it a superfood, that many people can enjoy. Ancient cultures enjoyed Hemp as a medicinal food. Hemp seeds are highly absorbable for the body and unlike peanuts, soy, brown rice, corn, beans, and other seeds, they don’t contain phytic acid, which inhibits the absorption of minerals and enzymes found in the food making it hard for digestion.


(Superfood Grounding Hemp milk with Hemp Seeds, Maca Powder, Raw Honey, and Cinnamon)

Hemp seeds are about 30% complete protein per 100grams that are easy to absorb. They provide us with all the essential amino acids. They are high in fiber, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids as well. Good fats we need! They have an ideal ratio of 3:1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids which is important to maintain a healthy human. Good fats defend against depression, osteoporosis, hunger, and are good for our hormones, cell membranes, proper thyroid functioning, aids inflammation, lowers blood pressure, and supports healthy skin and nails. This is a great food for athletes to get fueled on.

” Almost 60% of the protein in hemp is made up of a globulin source called edestin. Most of the rest is in  the form of albumin. Albumin and Edestin have a very similar molecular  makeup as the protein found in the human body. Because of this common  link, hemp protein is very easily absorbed into human blood and used for roles as critical as DNA repair.” (naturalnews.com) 

 Hemp seeds will take you higher on life! but no, you will not get high from the THC content because the separate plantation for hemp products such as the seeds, oils, and fiber are strictly regulated to be less than 0.03% of THC. However, they provide a fatty dose of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin E, phytonutrients, B Vitamins, Folic acid (which is important for pregnancy), antioxidants, and regulates cholesterol levels. This is a great food for men to consume because the EFAS (essential fatty acids) produce prostaglandins, which high amounts are found in semen.

Nowadays it is pretty easy to find Hemp seeds at the health grocery  store. For a cheaper price, buy them in the bulk section instead of  their packaged kind. There are various products of Hemp that are sold at the markets. You can find Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Seeds, Hemp power bars, Hemp clothing, Hemp soaps, Hemp accessories, and many more products. Are you down with Hemp?


Simple easy home-made Hemp “Milk”:

-1 cup water
-2 Tablespoons Hemp seeds
-Add sweetner of your choice if you’d like. (Ex: maple syrup, 1 soft Medjool Date, Vanilla Extract, Lucuma powder, Stevia, raw honey, Mesquite powder, Coconut Sugar, Yacon Syrup, whole unrefined organic cane sugar)

Blend on high for about 20 seconds. Pour in a glass, and enjoy.

One of these days I will be posting an easy homemade raw savory Hemp Seed sauce over Spaghetti Squash noodles. It is so pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds.