Vitality Chai Smoothie


This turned out to be a sweet and savory smoothie. It was lovely! Can you belief, ever since the middle of this summer, I’ve had my first taste of Chai, ever! The organic juice company I happily work at, Urban Remedy, makes a delicious and satisfying Almond Coconut Chai smoothie. When I first sampled it, I did not like it at all. I thought the Chai flavor was very strong and had a weird flavor. When the cold season made its way over, I started liking this Chai smoothie more and more. Now I absolutely love not just our Chai smoothie, but the Chai herbs themselves. I find them to be so grounding, calming, and specially warming. I feel I’ve started to crave these herbs because of this very cold season. I’ve also been wanting to recreate my company’s Chai smoothie at home, hehe. I came home with a small bag of Chai Masala mix and as I was making my usual green smoothie I got captivated by the aroma of Chai. Into the blender went a little bit of the Chai mix. With a handful of fresh Basil leaves into the mix this smoothie turns into a magical combination of warming and vibrant flavors.

A Healthy Obsession with Chai

In Ayurvedic medicine, Chai spices are known to be “sattvic”. To be considered a sattvic food, the food must contain calming, vitalizing, and mental clarifying qualities. We all crave these qualities on our day to day life. Chai consists of cinnamon, black tea, clove, ginger, cardamom, fennel, and usually black pepper. Of course each ingredient found in Chai has its own unique health benefits, but it is the synergy of these ingredients that create incredible flavors and are very potent in enhancing our health.

In India, Chai is treasured because of its abilities to preserve health and bring us into a state of peace. It is great for your immune system, digestive health, to heal inflammation, and arm your body with anti-oxidants. Some of the spices in Chai contain phytochemicals and are said to contain anti-cancer properties. Soothe those painful menstrual cramps with a warm cup of Chai. Did you know it is also great for fat breakdown? Regular consumption boosts your metabolism and stimulates pancreatic enzymes. If you feel the urge to have a naughty snack, first have a cup of warm-hot Chai tea to bring a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. Feeling a little icky from eating too much of a naughty treat? Have a cup of Chai to balance your blood sugar levels and give yourself a cleansing boost (but don’t make a habit of this fix!). Another benefit of Chai is that it helps you beat the bloated feeling. Chai does contain caffeine, but because of tannins found in tea, the caffeine is absorbed slowly, causing a calming effect on the nervous system. If you wish to avoid caffeine, try a rooibos chai.

For this smoothie I didn’t use specific measurements. It all came together deliciously. This smoothie is packed with anti oxidants, healing benefits, energy, skin and digestion benefits, and so great for your immune system.

Look at all those ingredients! Love the creamy texture the Hazelnuts give to the smoothie.


Into the blender went:

-a cup of water

-1 mandarin

-1 banana

– about 1 cup of strawberries (organic is best and they are delicious right now!)

-1/2 cup of Raspberries (organic is best and the ones I found were so vibrant)

-a small handful of Hazelnuts or about a 1/4 cup (They should be soaked overnight, but I was only able to soak them for a couple of hours when I remembered)

-a handful of fresh Basil (organic is best)

-about a 1/4 teaspoon of Chai. Adjust to your liking.

Blend on high. Enjoy. Have a lovely day/night.,19649