Edible Goddess Product Review: Superfood Chocolate Fudge

I’ve done a few product reviews on this blog about some of my favorite foodie companies.

This product review is very different from the other ones. This one is very special to me.

Edible Goddess, created by Bethanne Wanamaker, is a line of healthful food products and beauty products taken to the next level. Bethanne is a raw chocolatier who is passionate about holistic health and empowering others to become the healthiest version of themselves. I described her business in my older blog post as well as a brief review about her raw Goji Chocolate Fudge Sauce that I tried when I ran into her product demo, click here to give it a read. This woman is a chocolate goddess, I tell ya. Her holistic nutrition knowledge, healing herbs and superfoods, and passion are all embedded into her chocolates for people to enjoy and make healthier choices.

Every ingredient she uses in her products serves a healthful purpose. I am absolutely in love with her products.

Her Superfood Herbal Fudge chocolate bar promotes energy and boosts the immune system thanks to the tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (you don’t taste the medicinal mushrooms when they are combined with other foods properly!).

Her Herbal Infused Organic Coconut Oil is infused with herbs that are nutrient and mineral rich to be soothing to the skin, to be used as a natural skin treatment, and as a scalp oil treatment.


Some of her products are vegan and others use raw local honey.


I received her superfood BUTTERSCOTCH Chocolate Fudge and was so very excited to finally try this beauty after seeing so many pictures of it on my facebook feed. Simply put, it is divine. Just one spoonful takes me to heaven! It is a dark sweet chocolate made from the purest and most nutrient dense ingredients. The texture of this one is smooth, silky, and thick. A total tongue pleaser. A spoonful of this fudge as part of my breakfast really sets me for the day, gives me an oomph, and is very grounding at the same time. I asked her what the main health purpose of the Red Asparagus Root is and she said it is to help us feel calm and grounded. It is specially beneficial for busy people to bring them back to balance. Bethanne knows chocolate and how to properly make it.

The only thing I didn’t like about the fudge was that since my house is so cold inside, the fudge was very solid to scoop out. Once I take bites and it is in my mouth it’s a whole different story though. If your home is cold inside, you will need to take a couple of minutes to put the jar in warm water to warm it up a bit so it can easily be stirred and spooned out. This fudge would go perfect on your homemade brownies, cookies, smothered on a banana, warmed and drizzled over berries, or just by the spoonful. Yum!!

Cacao can be consumed as a healthy food so long as it is handled, processed, and prepared in the right way. Bethanne makes sure her chocolates are in the most pure state as possible and takes advantage of the health benefits of Cacao by infusing it with medicinal ingredients such as herbs and superfoods.


As I like to say, if you are going to indulge in something, make it the best!

If you’d like to learn more about her products and who she is, check her out at her website http://www.etsy.com/shop/ediblegoddess

and her blog http://ediblegoddess.com/about/ where she gives you recipes, health and wellness inspiration, and nutrition advice.