The Power of Our Thoughts & Finding Balance (Inspirational)

I had a very neat experience this past weekend where I learned a lot about living and finding balance. It was a very interesting day because of how it turned out to happen.

My friend told me about this “Yoga” event she wanted to go to. I decided to go with her but I was the one who ended up arriving first because she was busy working with her Dad. When I arrived to the event I found out it wasn’t a yoga event, but a lecture on meditation that was taught by this highly experienced meditator. I decided to stay to accept this free opportunity to learn more about meditation. I’m always open for free stuff on health and wellness! The lecturer started off the class by going over the topics to be discussed that day that relate to meditation. When he began talking about the first topic, my heart skipped a beat. It was about how important it is to slow down in our daily lives, how to be centered within ourselves, how our thoughts affect us, and the real meaning of living. I have been experiencing all of these things as of late. Something very special happened that I ended up being in that room! I was so thankful that my friend told me about this.

She sent me a text message saying she was so sorry she didn’t know it was not Yoga! She decided not to come and told me to head over to her house. I told her noooo waayyy and thank you thank you! Haha. I decided to stay until the class break which I thought had the topics I was most interested in.

3 things stood out to me the most:

The Power of Our Thoughts- Our thoughts are very powerful in controlling the way we feel, without us even realizing it. We can easily get caught up in a bad stream of thoughts and end up in a very dark moment of our day and yet we don’t help ourselves get out of that mental state to make us come back to good. Our mental thoughts are really what drive us and what impacts us. Here is a great example that  lecturer gave us: Picture yourself walking into an overcrowded fish market. It reaks, it feels dirty, it is loud, there is a lot of commotion and people bumping into one another, yet you are walking in there as light as a feather because you are at peace inside yourself feeling centered. Now, picture yourself in Hawaii. You are laying close to the shore of a beautiful clear ocean with the warm sun hitting your skin. Somehow though, you are not having a good time. You are thinking negative thoughts and not feeling comfortable in your own “space”. You are surrounded by so much beauty and you are in the place where most people dream to be right that moment, but you are feeling very depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, distraught, regretful, etc and are so sucked into these thoughts that you are barely noticing the beauty you are surrounded by. Isn’t that amazing? The person who is in the crowded smelly fish market is having a much better time than the person laying on the beautiful white beach in Hawaii. This is how our thoughts are so powerful at having an impact on us. Another thing our lecturer mentioned, which is something I learned about before, is that as long as you know who you are and are comfortable with yourself, you can feel at home anywhere you are.

We have three types of thoughts: Positive thoughts such as “it’s a gorgeous day out, or I’m good, or I am confident, or my hair looks great today”. Ordinary thoughts such as “it’s 4 o’clock, it’s time for breakfast, I’ll go buy groceries in 10 minutes”. Waste thoughts such as “I’m never going to get this done, I am not good enough, I’m stupid”.

Be Centered- This is something that I am and a lot of us are beginning to understand and practice. We get easily caught up in our tasks, errands, projects, activities, other things and more things. We are running and driving here, there, and all over the place. Then we come home at the end of the day, turn on the television, and then crash in bed. As hippie as this may sound, I’m starting to belief just how important it is to “nourish the soul”. If we pay a little more time to ourselves, listen to ourselves, be in and experience complete silence for a minute, we can help bring ourselves into more balance (which is something very important for overall health). Instead of going from left to right and all over the place, lets just SLOW DOWN for 1 minute, and bring ourselves back to center & alignment. This has such a great impact on how we feel, helps us make better decisions, and lower our stress.

Life’s Purpose- Our lecturer introduced himself by talking about why he came to live in America and what he has learned from that. He decided to come live in America because he was very drawn to the American Dream. I don’t quite remember what his job was that he landed here, but he was working in the technology field and he was very successful. However, he felt very bland inside. He earned some pretty neat possessions, but he just didn’t feel a deep meaning with life he could connect with. One day, he realized he was living without a purpose. He was not living “authentically”. He said he led a very materialistic life. He wanted to do something greater with his life and much more meaningful. He talked to us about the beauty of living an authentic life. Give your life more meaning, more motivation to wake up in the morning and leap out of bed, do something you are passionate about, and do something that really makes you live. Be authentic.

He then shared with us an exercise we can practice to help us feel centered, balanced, and more in tune with ourselves. That is to take a quiet moment to think of the following 3 steps before going to sleep.

The first step is to review the positives thoughts you have had today. The second step is to review the bad things that have happened today and replay them in your head the way you wish they would have gone. The third step is to plant a seed for the next day.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was something I really wanted to share with my readers and everyone. I must be honest and say I don’t remember to practice these 3 steps every night, but it is something I do enjoy doing when I remember because I feel it is such a great way to enhance wellness in our life.

Annnnnd of couuuurse I want to bring food into this! Nutrition is just PART of achieving health and wellness. It is a major and important part though. Being nourished, fueled, and with minimal toxicity and inflammation inside of us enables us to feel more in balance. The benefits of practicing good nutrition is that it is easier to feel more centered, our cells communicate better, we feel strength, we are clear headed, we feel light, we exercise/move more, and we feel good because we are doing something good.