Savory Japanese Sweet Potato (Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan)


They are my true comfort food.

Baked, roasted, or boiled. Too much good satisfaction.

I love eating them year round, but I eat them frequently during the winter. They bring me warmness, they make my belly cozy, and they really make me feel grounded. As you may have noticed, my recipes are lacking in the whole grain department. The taste of whole grains are okay for me (oatmeal is delicious though!), but I feel a little sluggish after I eat them. I notice my energy goes down a lot and I get a little thirsty. My main wholesome carbohydrate sources are from a lot of ripe fruits, some root veggies, and some tubers. These foods make me feel well. When I’m in the need for something cooked, warm, or dense, I gravitate towards the root veggies and tubers. Yams, Sweet Potatoes, and Potatoes are what usually first come to mind. Growing up in Peru I have always had a special place in my tummy for them.

They are rich in fiber, nutrient dense, they help regulate blood sugar levels, are high in anti oxidants, they are great for cardiovascular health, and help keep your immune system running strong.

They are very weight conscious friendly. You will be too full before you overeat on too many calories from them!

You can try this recipe with any kind of sweet potato you find at the grocery store. I used my absolute favorite, which is the Japanese Sweet Potato. It is sweet and more dense than the orange fleshed sweet potato.

Hope you have a great weekend! I am excited to share with you my next dessert post coming up and more plant-based recipes to help you with your healthy 2014!

Eat beauty to feel beautiful, eat fresh to feel fresh, eat whole foods to feel whole and balanced, and eat nutrient dense foods to feel vibrant!

Try It

Bake your sweet potato at 350 degrees in the oven. Make a few cuts on the sweet potato before you throw in the oven. Bake until tender.

I then diced some red Cabbage, threw it in a small bowl, I added a touch Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tamari Sauce (better than soy sauce), and a squeeze of lemon juice, and I mixed it all well.

Once the sweet potato was well baked I peeled it and I cut into slices. I topped it off with minced garlic, sea salt, and nutmeg. Then I added a spoonful of the Cabbage mix and a touch of black Sesame Seeds.