A Healthy Sweet Snack (raw, vegan, gluten free)

Medjool Dates are great for sweetening up life. This caramel flavored, sweet, and rich in fiber fruit grows on the Palm Tree which is believed to originate in the lands on the banks of Nile and Euphrates Rivers of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Since ancient times Medjool Dates have been eaten to break the fast during Ramadan months. Their sweetness makes them feel like you are eating candy, hence they are known as nature’s candy, but they are quite full of nutrients. I love suggesting this fruit to people who are looking for a better alternative than that processed sugar laden candy bar. This will sure satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!


Medjool Dates are great to enjoy as a treat or as an energy snack. They really do help with digestion for good bowel movements (great against constipation). I consider them a beautifying fruit as they are great for your skin, they have Vitamin A to strengthen vision, & are high in protective anti-oxidants. They are a good source of potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, & B-vitamins. Because of their good levels of magnesium and Vitamin K, they are great for keeping your bones healthy.

I go through phases of eating these! For some time I don’t care for them at all, but when I buy a container of them and have it in the house I enjoy eating 2 Dates every.day.until.I.finish.them. They never affect my weight, but it’s probably because I have them in place of another calorie source of fruit.
Sometimes I eat the medjool dates on their own and other times I up the excitement of eating them by combining them with other ingredients. One of my favorite spices to sprinkle on them is Cinnamon. It regulates blood sugar levels, it provides anti-clotting benefits, it is anti-microbial, it stimulates the brain, & is a great source for calcium & to boost your fiber intake. I usually also add pieces of nuts on each half of the medjool date and sprinkle with hemp seeds (find out about the amazing benefits of Hemp Seeds on my post by clicking here).
Here is how I like to flavor them up more:
-Medjool Dates

-Plain raw Almonds
-Hemp Seeds
-Sea Salt
I cut the medjool dates halves in half and sprinkled a tad of Cinnamon on them. Then I topped them off with half an almond, hemp seeds, & sea salt. Delicious! Medjool dates are quite satisfying. They are great to munch on a couple and savor them.  Hope you enjoy!