Zucchini Pasta Revolution

The wonders of getting creative with natural food! From Squash….. To Pasta This way of making pasta is simple, but it takes patience and time if you are going to do it by… Continue reading

Product Review-Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Bars

When I’m about to step in the store for a good dose of chocolate, Lulu’s Raw Chocolate is what first comes to mind. Lulu’s products are one of my few favorites out there… Continue reading

Pink Macadamian Ladies (raw, dairy free, paleo, vegan)

I love these Pink Macadamian Cookies. The ingredients are very simple, and they just have a touch of maple syrup for each serving. Classy cookies. I got in the mood to have fun with food… Continue reading

The Thingy With Evaporated Cane Sugar (A big thingy)

“It’s in everything!” Left: Whole Natural Cane Sugar (looks like dirt almost, but it’s the good kind) Right: Refined Cane Sugar. The Real & the Fake Through a lot of articles and documents… Continue reading

Pictureless but Meaningful

I feel I have not posted in the past week! My time this past week has been taken over by training for my new awesome health inspiring job at Urban Remedy. It is… Continue reading

Velvet Citrus Beet Dressing

Sometimes I sit and write down the ingredients for what I want to use in a dressing. Other times, I like to work my way up to the finished product by taste testing… Continue reading

De-stress Healing Smoothie

My good friend and I spent this past weekend in Tahoe soaking up a ton of sun shine. We chose that weekend because we planned on going to Wanderlust. We only stayed for… Continue reading

Chocolate is a Bite of Health: Pure vs. Industrialized

Love yourself. And feed yourself chocolate. Many of us are re-discovering the health values that cacao possesses. This nutrient dense exotic bean that grows from the cacao tree has been used medicinally by our… Continue reading

A New Way With Kale Chips (raw, dairy- free, light dressing)

I’ve never been a fan of kale chips. Eating them out of the bag makes it a bit of a stressful experience for me, rather than an enjoyable one. The last bag of… Continue reading

It’s okay, let them be for now…

Don’t worry if your friend, spouse, family member, ex, or whoever, are becoming frantic about their very new diet. Yesterday I came across memories of how I used to be when I first embarked… Continue reading

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    Welcome! I'm a 23 year old full time college student born in Peru (South America) and now living in Marin County, California. Through this blog I hope to learn to achieve higher health as well as to help others, learn more about fitness, and connect with others who share similar interests in being conscious consumerists, protecting our environment, and having fun with life. My main focus at the moment is creating delicious recipes of natural foods, bring awareness of how mainstream media is negatively impacting our health, and learning about my spirituality and self-development. I've been experimenting with raw vegan, high fruitarian, primal/paleo, and Intermittent Fasting. If you have any questions you can contact me through here or my e-mail: ally_415@hotmail.com.

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