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Goji Berry-Almond Milk (Raw Vegan, Paleo)

The other day when I walked into Safeway I noticed a customer holding a bottle of Strawberry Nesquik Milk. Sounds good right? Do you have memories of your childhood when you enjoyed those bottles of… Continue reading

A Perfect Healthy Dessert (raw vegan & paleo)

You can never go wrong with Strawberries dipped in Chocolate. This combination, when made with natural real ingredients of course, is so simple and one of the healthiest treats you can have. What’s… Continue reading

Blueberry-Lime Mashed Potatoes (and are Potatoes healthy?)

I’ve been eating blueberries every night as part of my dinner. This summer my dinner has consisted mainly of a big fruit bowl or smoothie with nutrient boosts such as Maca powder, Bee… Continue reading

  • Ally Vergara (Eat for Health. Eat for Energy. Eat for Beauty)

    Ally Vergara (Eat for Health. Eat for Energy. Eat for Beauty)

    Welcome! I'm a 23 year old full time college student born in Peru (South America) and now living in Marin County, California. Through this blog I hope to learn to achieve higher health as well as to help others, learn more about fitness, and connect with others who share similar interests in being conscious consumerists, protecting our environment, and having fun with life. My main focus at the moment is creating delicious recipes of natural foods, bring awareness of how mainstream media is negatively impacting our health, and learning about my spirituality and self-development. I've been experimenting with raw vegan, high fruitarian, primal/paleo, and Intermittent Fasting. If you have any questions you can contact me through here or my e-mail: ally_415@hotmail.com.

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